Over the holiday weekend, a friend posted a picture of a baby calf tied to a post out in front of a diary farm. She was concerned because the little guy was there all day without food or water, just tied to the post. Another friend, having worked for a dairy farm (briefly) explained that the calf was most likely a male and therefore, useless to the dairy farmer. He cannot get pregnant nor can he produce milk so he was left out there to be sold/sent to a slaughter house.

photo courtesy of Dairy Good Life

Throughout the thread, the movie “Earthlings” was mentioned. My curiosity peaked, I Googled it and saw some interviews and footage from the film. I cannot unsee any of it. I was/am absolutely horrified. I spent the next few days crying thinking “Why? Why? Why? Why?”

Like most of us, I assumed the abuse of animals on factory farms was isolated…I knew living conditions were not optimal but, I had no idea how bad things really are for these animals.  I had no idea that these animals are neglected, tortured and mutilated on a daily basis as part of standard practice. Long before they are slaughtered for food, while awake, alive and without anesthetic, horns are ripped out of their head with crude tools, tails chopped off, testicles ripped out of them, teeth yanked out, branded in the face, raped repeatedly, impregnated over and over and over, over bred so much that they become deformed, left standing/sitting in feces/urine, climbing over corpses of their dead counterparts, you get the picture.  I will type it again – these are STANDARD PRACTICE. These things are done to every animal at every facility.

It is barbaric. It is sadistic. It is cruel. It has to stop.

Humans do not need meat or dairy to survive. We don’t. We have all been told that we do but it is a lie. One of many in fact.

As soon as I stopped crying I got angry. Really angry. And now I am on a mission. I will do my part by not only becoming a vegan but actively advocating for animals everywhere by getting the truth out there so more and more people will stop putting money is these sadists pockets. Help me help those who cannot help themselves. Help me inform and educate people about these atrocities so we can put an end to them once and for all by simply following my blog and sharing.

Thank you.


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